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Take time now to prepare your Family Disaster Plan

It is strongly encouraged that citizens prepare themselves and their families now for the possibility of Hurricane Matthew.   Take time now to prepare your Family Disaster Kit, by stocking up on any disaster supplies you and your family would need, including food, water, medications, medical devices and other essentials.

Ensure that your Disaster Plan is ready.  Know if you plan on staying home, going to a family or friendís home, or to a local shelter. Communicate those plans to any local or out of state family.

 We also would like to remind all residents and businesses to sign up for local emergency alerts at  alert.claycountygov.com  

 Stay tuned to local weather reports regarding the progress and development of this storm.

Due to the Hurricane all Clay Transit services will be closed on Friday October 7th 2016. No public bus service will we offered Saturday October 8th 2016. 

Also the phone system is currently without power and should be back on by Monday October 10th 2016. 

Keep watching our Facebook page and website for more up dates.

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