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Blue Line

The Blue Lineoperates as an important link in providing public transportation service from Green Cove Springs to NAS Jacksonville. The route runs Monday through Friday to and from Green Cove Springs to Jacksonville. The route starts in Green Cove Springs, travels north on Hwy 17, then proceeds to the Orange Park Mall connects to the WS2 and the Red Line, then proceeds down Wells Road to Hwy 17 towards Jacksonville and makes stops at the Commissary, EG & G Warehouse, FRCSE, McDonald’s and other work sites. The vehicle proceeds back south towards Orange Park to the Orange Park Kennel Club then travels west on Wells Road to the Orange Park Mall connecting with WS-2. On its return trip to Green Cove Springs the Blue Line makes connections at the Marshalls’ shopping center with the Red Line and the Purple Line allowing for riders to travel from Orange Park to Middleburg or Orange Park to Green Cove Springs. Along this route the Blue Line makes stops at Everest University, Fortis College, and St. Johns River State College allowing many individuals the opportunity to extend their education. The current service includes a route from Green Cove Springs through Orange Park to NAS JAX, and Everest College. The Blue Line was modified in 2011 to accommodate the overflow of riders from the Red Line that had reached its capacity on some runs. The modification has greatly enhanced the frequency of service into and around the Orange Park area by giving more connectivity to the other lines.  Like the other Clay County routes the Blue line has steadily had ridership it the double digits since it inception in 2009 as has the awareness throughout the community that this transportation option exists

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