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Scheduling a Ride

When Scheduling a RIDE

Please have the following information
ready when making a reservation:


·          Name • Social Security Number •Date of Birth

·          Physical Address and Mailing Address (if different)

·          Complete address and phone number of the destination, physician or business.

·         Notify if child restraint seat is needed

·          Escort is allowed for riders who need special assistance.

·         An escort is required for riders under the age of 14 and support of the rider to be able to travel to receive medical services.

·        Escorts and PCA ride for free and must be scheduled at the initial reservation.

Fare/Cost to Ride
Fares will be based on sponsoring agency and funding of programs. Medicaid requires the rider, unless exempt to pay a $1.00 co-pay for each one way trip. Non-Sponsored trips are based a fare.


How do I get there on time?
The goal of Clay Transit is to provide the greatest number of clients with prompt, safe, efficient, friendly service.


 We operate on public roads and highways.  Occasionally our vehicles will run behind schedule during periods of peak demand, heavy traffic or bad weather.

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